illumie - Details
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Made in the USA

We value transparency and quality which is why we are proud to say that all of our garments are made right here in the USA, specifically Los Angeles. None of this fast fashion bullshit that comes from China. Just good, old fashioned American-made clothing with fair labor standards and ethical business practices.


There isn’t anything we create that doesn’t focus on the quest for sustainability. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, from knitting, dying, cutting and sewing, everything is done domestically and responsibly. The average t-shirt travels 16,000 miles for production, our materials travel 5 miles. Our textiles utilize a proprietary yarn from recycled water bottles and recycled cotton. Scraps are also crafted into new textiles or to create custom yarn. We also work closely with our knit house, dye house and factories to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint.


When designing apparel, quality is of the utmost importance for us here at illumie. It’s why we have the clientele we do – they understand the difference. Imagine, a celebrity trying to sell clothing that was imported from China. After a few washes, your favorite rapper tee looks like trash. By utilizing quality textiles and recycled materials, we are ensuring our garments last and stand the test of time.

Full Service

Part of building any good brand is the abilities it has access to. At illumie, we are your one stop shop from start to finish. From design to production, fulfillment, eCommerce builds, and customer support, there isn’t anything we don’t assist with. Already have designs and just need someone to build your creation? No problem. With industry veterans in the apparel business for the past 30 years, you can sleep easy knowing your brand is in good hands.