illumie - a boutique music marketing agency
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Facebook + Instagram Advertising

There was a time not long ago when you could share a post on your Facebook page and it would reach the majority of yours fans. Today, you’ll be lucky to reach 2% of that audience. Organic reach is dead and to combat it, you have to craft creative ad campaigns. Whether your goal is to reach fans on Instagram Stories or in their Newsfeed, our campaigns will spend your budget on the most impactful platform, every time.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Email engagement and open rates are tanking so you need to be able to reach your fans in a new way. A more impactful way. Using our Facebook Messenger campaigns, our clients see average open rates of 90% and click-through rates of 30%. This is because you’re able to connect with fans directly through their Facebook Messenger inbox. Regardless if it’s a new song or a tour announcement, fans love receiving messages from their favorite artists.

Streaming Growth

With algorithms dictating your success on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud, it’s becoming harder and harder to rise above the noise. With our pre-save campaigns, you’re able to grow your fanbase and share your upcoming releases with them directly. The best part: you better your chances of placement in one of the official ‘curated’ playlists. This is because the streaming services analyze how many fans are pre-saving your releases.

Data Collection

A good marketing campaign will reach your target fanbase and promote them to take action. Their actions (when done correctly) can provide you with very useful data that you can use to fuel your growth. With our campaigns, you’re able to collect email addresses, Facebook Messenger subscribers, and more precise targeting data for your ads. It’s all facilitated under GDPR and appropriate data collection privacy laws so you never have to worry.

Influencer Marketing

We have powerful relationships established with a network of digital influencers, musicians, and VIPs in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to drive impactful results tailored to your marketing goals. From influencer placement and strategy to collaborations and YouTube activations, our team can execute your wildest ideas.

Marketing Strategy

When it comes to digital advertising (and marketing in general), it can be a fickle beast. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the results will follow suit. This is why we take a ‘hands on’ approach with all of our clients. Our team will assess your goals and put together a tailored strategy based on our insights and industry knowledge across similar musicians. Imagine tapping into the same marketing strategy as Dua Lipa – we make it happen.

Are you ready to grow?