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marketing strategy

Signs You Have a Terrible Marketing Strategy

Being a musician is no easy task. A lot can go wrong along the journey and sometimes it’s hard to see the red flags. Your career depends on picking out those red flags and pivoting to a better direction. Continue reading as we highlight some of the signs of a terrible marketing strategy.
We’ve all heard the saying: perception is reality. This applies no better than to the music industry. From your personal image to branding and engagement with your fans, everything is under the spotlight. Your marketing efforts are no different. Here are some indicators you’re doing it all wrong.

You’re not collecting and analyzing data.

The backbone of any successful marketing strategy is data. It fuels decisions and controls the direction of your future marketing initiatives. It also has the ability to propel your career a lot further. We recommend starting with the basics and building your foundation. Add an email capture to your website, review Google Analytics, and look at your Instagram insights. You’ll be able to get a concrete idea of who your core fanbase is and how to reach them.
You’re have no marketing budget.
Social Marketing today is a pay-to-play system. Gone are the days of sharing your music on your page to all your followers. You’ll be lucky to reach 2% of them with a post but put some money behind it: different story. With smaller budgets of $50 a campaign, you’ll be able to reach over 5,000 people and grow your fanbase.
You’re not creating ‘Pre-Save’ campaigns.
Everyone is on a streaming service. How are they discovering new music? Playlists. These can be a gold mine for any musician. In some instances, we’ve seen an artist grow their following on Spotify by 1000 new followers from a single pre-save campaign. The streaming services have algorithms that analyze if fans are saving your releases ahead of schedule. If they are, you better your chances of placement in one of their official playlists. It’s that simple.
You’re not giving yourself a competitive advantage.
Everyone has dreams of being a famous musician. The landscape is highlight competitive and those who stand out will rise to the top. Copying what the next artist does won’t do you any good. You need to give yourself a competitive advantage. Right now, that advantage is Facebook Messenger. You can message your fans directly and include useful links to new songs, album releases, show dates and more.
These are few examples of a poor marketing strategy. You can’t expect to post your song online and hope it spreads like wildfire. It’s not going to happen. But if you apply some of our recommendations and add in some marketing budget, big things can happen.
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