a boutique music marketing agency for everyone - illumie
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illumie music marketing

A Boutique Music Marketing Agency for Everyone

illumie launched in the Summer of 2015. Our goal was simple, give artists the ability to market themselves – no middle man. After two years of growing our platform and building our audience, we ran into a few bumps. As non-technical founders, we realized the road ahead was full of more than a few bumps. After losing our lead Engineer, we had some tough decisions to make. Do we continue to build our vision for music content publishing or do we shut it down and prevent further losses?
The later was our choice.
It was a tough moment for us as the founding team. After years of development, working day in and day out to grow, you never want to see your hard work go to the trash. The alternative wasn’t much of an option. Our operational costs staggered and any sign of profitability felt eons away. The call was made – we shut it down.
And just like that, illumie was gone from existence. We knew it was the best decision for the company but our goal, our mission still was in the back of our heads. The question remained:
How do we pivot and re-create something that helps musicians share their creations?
One day the lightbulb clicked-on. Coming from a world of digital advertising in the entertainment space, we had the signs right in front of us. We could help musicians market themselves by reaching fans where they already live: social media. At that point, the pivot became real and we went right to work.
illumie 2.0 was born.
We created an entire breakdown of capabilities using our expertise. Our focus is digital with an emphasis on social media marketing. The key for us was creating agency-style services that any musician could access without the agency price tag. From single projects to entire monthly campaigns, illumie has something for every musician. Whether you’re looking to grow your streaming following on Spotify or you want to reach your fans on Instagram Stories, we can do it.
The team is beyond excited for this new direction. Our new path still pays homage to our old one: help musicians grow. We’re excited to have you join us and welcome you to reach out if you need any help in the music marketing world.