illumie - a boutique music marketing agency
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Made in Los Angeles

illumie is a boutique music marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. Our speciality is entirely digital with a focus on social media marketing. With over a decade of experience in our field, our campaigns are designed to provide immediate impact on your growth as a musician.

Our Capabilities

Facebook + Instagram Advertising

Reach your fanbase where they already are: Facebook and Instagram. Our campaigns are optimized so your budget goes further and is always spent on high performing audiences.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Send tour announcements and new music releases instantly to your fanbase through Facebook Messenger.

Streaming Growth

Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud can catapult your career into the limelight but only if people know you exist.

Data Collection

Collecting useful data is key to your immediate and long-term growth. Our efforts focus on email collection and re-targeting data.

Influencer Marketing

Working alongside some of the top influencers in music, we craft campaigns with influential content to exceed the marketing goals behind your brand.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing initiatives are only as good as the strategy behind them. Our knowledge combined with key data points allow us to stay one step ahead of your growth.

Are you ready to grow?